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Visual Content on Social Media: 2017 Trends and Research

2016 was quite the year, especially for social media. With more brands using social media as a tool for communication and engagement, visual strategy may seem as confusing as ever to marketers. What do users want on their feeds? What will they respond to? Compiled from research & studies over the past year, here’s some helpful data that will keep your social strategies fresh […]

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Building Better Systems, tvOS

tvOS Swift 3.0: Displaying Search Container Under Tab Bar PART 2

Due to popular demand for my previous post about implementing and displaying the search container under the tab bar for tvOS, I’m going to revise this topic and share with everyone an updated version for getting UISearchController to work properly in tvOS Swift 3.0. The purpose of this tutorial is to focus on getting the search container to display under the tab bar for […]

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Talking Tech, WordPress Tips and Tricks

Front-End performance goals when building new WordPress websites

From the start of the development process we must think about website speed. It’s one of the most important features of your new site especially now that search engines are ranking faster and properly optimized web sites higher. Here are some of the best practices we use when developing light weight WordPress themes. HTML Some things are fairly straight forward […]

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Working with SVG and navigating common obstacles.

Lisa Buch, Associate Web Developer

Using JavaScript and jQuery, I recently built an interactive online coloring page to promote an episode of PBS’ Secrets of the Dead that focused on Van Gogh. The page allowed users to color in a stylized sketch of the Van Gogh’s famous painting, “Bedroom in Arles.” It was clear that an SVG for the stylized sketch would be the best […]

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Building Better Systems, Talking Tech


  Understanding the concept of algorithms is an empowering thing to have in your arsenal. It makes you think about scaling, performance, and being efficient at what you’re doing. You can decrease your workload and the time you spend at your desk. I’m not an algorithmic or a mathematical expert, but I understand algorithms to increase efficiency at what I’m […]

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APIs, WordPress Tips and Tricks

Taking Control of the WordPress Scheduler — The Basics

The WordPress scheduler is a tricky beast. ‘WP-Cron‘ as configured by default can alternately fail spectacularly with a ‘missed schedule’ error on a post you were depending on publishing at a specific time, or slow down your server to a crawl. On the other hand, with proper configuration on the server end and clever development in your plugins, the scheduler […]

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APIs, WordPress Tips and Tricks

Google’s Custom Search Engine

We do not use the built-in WordPress search on any of the sites we develop, instead we add a filter to disable the search function entirely. There are two primary reasons for this decision: Although the WordPress search may be adequate for a small blog or portfolio, we focus on performance ensuring our sites run fast no matter the size […]

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Inside IEG

Join the Team

Alexandra White, Web Developer

UPDATE: This position has been filled. Thanks for your interest! We’ve got a job opening here at IEG! Join our team as a Digital Media Producer and help make our web presence stronger. To apply, create a profile on WNET’s career site. About the Position As a Digital Media Producer, you will develop, manage and create online video, graphic and written […]

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Building Better Systems, WordPress Tips and Tricks

WordPress Performance Optimization Part 1: Know Your Database Queries!

There are many bad habits that WordPress developers should avoid. Some of these include using asterisk (*) for SELECT queries, redundant queries, and most importantly not being familiar enough with SQL. After years of developing on enterprise websites, developers often ask themselves these following questions: Why did I not know this method before? How was I able to get by before? Most developers […]

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WordPress Tips and Tricks

WordPress MultiSite add new user and skip confirmation email

When working in a WordPress MultiSite Network, users with Admin/Editor level access can create new users if enabled but they lack the “Skip Confirmation Email” toggle that Super Admins have which allows them to add the user without sending an email that requires their confirmation. In order to give regular WordPress Admin/Editor users this same ability we came up with […]

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