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Building Better Systems, WordPress Tips and Tricks

WordPress Performance Optimization Part 1: Know Your Database Queries!

There are many bad habits that WordPress developers should avoid. Some of these include using asterisk (*) for SELECT queries, redundant queries, and most importantly not being familiar enough with SQL. After years of developing on enterprise websites, developers often ask themselves these following questions: Why did I not know this method before? How was I able to get by before? Most developers […]

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Building Better Systems, Inside IEG

How to Prevent Data Loss Due to Database Failure

Alexandra White, Web Developer

When we were about a week away from launching the new IEG site, catastrophe struck. Our development server was wiped clean and replaced with the production server. With the exception of the IEG website, it didn’t matter – the rest of our sites were not being populated at the moment on the development server. Although we have an incredible system […]

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