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An Introduction to Mustache.js

As you may know, we recently built a THIRTEEN Explore app for Amazon’s Fire TV using their Web App Starter Kit. The app is built in JavaScript, and uses the templating engine Mustache.js to generate content and display information in the app. Here, I’ll explain some of the benefits of working with Mustache, and will provide a basic introduction to […]

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Front-End performance goals when building new WordPress websites

From the start of the development process we must think about website speed. It’s one of the most important features of your new site especially now that search engines are ranking faster and properly optimized web sites higher. Here are some of the best practices we use when developing light weight WordPress themes. HTML Some things are fairly straight forward […]

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Using oAuth in WordPress Plugins, Part 1: The Basics

[UPDATE: — part 2 of this post is here.] WordPress is pretty good at making it easy to talk to outside web services. For instance, oEmbed lets you drop a link to a YouTube video onto your post and viola! there’s your video player dynamically rendered. But what if I wanted to manage my YouTube videos from within my WordPress […]

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Using Google Tag Manager for Custom Event Tracking

Google Tag Manager (GTM) can be a very powerful tool for managing analytics code, tracking bugs, and custom event tracking such as transaction progress. Instead of dropping separate codeblocks for Google Analytics, other analytics providers, or tracking JavaScript on every page, you can use a single GTM codeblock on every page of your website (easily done if using any sort […]

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WordPress Tips and Tricks

Ajax requests for high traffic websites

When we re-launched the PBS NewsHour web site we included many page components which loaded via Ajax requests. Our functions were based on the documentation provided by the WordPress codex on using Ajax. Unfortunately, this method created all kinds of caching nightmares and was responsible for poor site performance. In the case of the NewsHour, our Ajax requests were not […]

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