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APIs, WordPress Tips and Tricks

Google’s Custom Search Engine

We do not use the built-in WordPress search on any of the sites we develop, instead we add a filter to disable the search function entirely. There are two primary reasons for this decision: Although the WordPress search may be adequate for a small blog or portfolio, we focus on performance ensuring our sites run fast no matter the size […]

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Building Better Systems, tvOS

tvOS Swift 2.0: Displaying Search Container Under Tab Bar

Apple released the 4th generation Apple TV on October 30, 2015, packaged with tvOS 9.0. On December 8, 2015, tvOS 9.1 was released. One of the most exciting things that happened during 2015 was Apple’s announcement of the new Apple TV and the public release of tvOS SDK. With the tvOS SDK being available, third-party developers can finally develop apps […]

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