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Security measures to avoid getting hacked

“The hackers are breaching the architecture, not the authentication mechanism” – Garret Grajek, CSO at dinCloud How do I protect myself from being hacked? Here are twelve best practices that will help you protect your accounts. You should never trust anyone or any site with your credentials. Period. Two-factor authentication The difficulty of obtaining both authentication factors make 2FA accounts more difficult to […]

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Generating Keys for Bitbucket with SSH-Keygen

SSH provides a highly secure method to authenticate a client and communicate with a remote server using public-key cryptography. It does not send unencrypted credentials, like telnet, FTP, and other older clients. One of the well-known risks with unencrypted password-based authentication is that anyone can eavesdrop on your connection, capture network packets, and crack your password with a rainbow table. […]

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