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Building Better Systems

Generating Keys for Bitbucket with SSH-Keygen

SSH provides a highly secure method to authenticate a client and communicate with a remote server using public-key cryptography. It does not send unencrypted credentials, like telnet, FTP, and other older clients. One of the well-known risks with unencrypted password-based authentication is that anyone can eavesdrop on your connection, capture network packets, and crack your password with a rainbow table. […]

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Setting up an AWS S3 bucket for read-only web access

We recently needed to setup a podcast hosting solution with our own hostname, and we chose to use an AWS S3 bucket. It was much harder than we expected, mostly because the documentation was confusing and scattered. What we wanted was an S3 bucket that would be available at a specific hostname – lets call it ‘’ – where a […]

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Building Better Systems, Inside IEG

How to Prevent Data Loss Due to Database Failure

Alexandra White, Web Developer

When we were about a week away from launching the new IEG site, catastrophe struck. Our development server was wiped clean and replaced with the production server. With the exception of the IEG website, it didn’t matter – the rest of our sites were not being populated at the moment on the development server. Although we have an incredible system […]

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Longform, Talking Tech

How Many Domain Names Do You Really Need?

As of April, 2015, WNET has 218 domains registered, yet only 15 host web content. Each domain has an annual fee, and many require the technical overhead of managing DNS records and web server configuration. Why do we have so many? Do we really need all of them? Generic Top Level Domains Our story begins in the mid-nineties, with the […]

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